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Children’s literature is at the core of our consultancy. We support schools to adapt current provision to make it more book-based or to introduce and adopt the Literary Curriculum.
Our team of experienced consultants establish relationships with schools to provide ongoing support with all aspects of managing and delivering the Literary Curriculum. This can be provided as a block of support, spread over time or as part of a project.

Allow us to introduce ourselves…

Our team have all been... deputy or assistant head teachers; ASTs or lead teachers; English subject leaders; as well as Literacy Consultants for local authorities or Primary English lecturers. Associate consultants have been chosen for their innovative use of text and their current classroom experience.

Lynn: Director and consultant

Lynn reads children’s books avidly (obsessively actually), so it is lucky she has two children to read to every night. A wordsmith, she enjoys making up her own portmanteaus.
Get in touch lynn@theliteracytree.co.uk

Anthony: Director and consultant

Anthony is a fully-certified grammar geek who enjoys seeing books come to life in the classroom. He can be found developing planning sequences, book-in-hand, dog-on-lap.
Get in touch anthony@theliteracytree.co.uk

Pippa: Senior consultant

Pippa often has two - sometimes three - books on the go at any one time, ready to type up another Literature Review and can often be found rummaging around bookshops and toyshops looking for the latest resources for one of her sequences.
Get in touch pippa@theliteracytree.co.uk

Nicola: Consultant

Nicola spends far too much time browsing picture books in bookshops, never being able to leave without a new addition for her collection. Her role at The Literacy Tree justifies her expensive shopping habit and overcrowded bookshelves.
Get in touch nicola@theliteracytree.co.uk

Donny: Associate consultant

Donny particularly enjoys thinking up different ways to hook children and immerse them in a new text. As a current class teacher, he can often be found in the playground setting up a new crime/disaster scene with a roll of hazard tape, some tarp and a piece of chalk.
Get in touch donny@theliteracytree.co.uk

Alex: Associate consultant.

Alex enjoys exploring texts though the use of drama, giving children the creativity and freedom to investigate different characters, emotions and settings. As a class teacher, she can often be found in disguise wearing a hat, cloak or outrageous wig.
Get in touch info@theliteracytree.co.uk

Hannah: Associate consultant

Hannah is a school leader who is passionate about bringing books to life in the classroom! She loves all things creative and can often be found with her nose in a children’s book. She believes if everybody, regardless of age, read children’s fiction the world would be a better place.
Get in touch info@theliteracytree.co.uk

Sarah: Office manager

A stationery obsessive, Sarah has the ability to get hold of just about any shaped post-it note, sentence strip or tote-bag at a moment’s notice. She can often be found - rooibos in hand - fixing the photocopier.
Get in touch admin@theliteracytree.co.uk

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  • So Much

    KS: R & KS1, R & KS1 / LKS2

    Year Group: Reception

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  • Weslandia

    KS: LKS2 / UKS2, Lower KS2, R & KS1 / LKS2

    Year Group: Year 4

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  • Cloud Tea Monkeys

    KS: LKS2 / UKS2, Lower KS2, R & KS1 / LKS2

    Year Group: Year 3

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  • 20 Apr

    Teach Through a Text in Reception (Additional Day)

    Suitable for: Reception

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  • 27 Apr

    Greater Depth at KS1

    Suitable for: KS1 teachers, English Subject Leaders

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  • 27 Apr

    Greater Depth at KS2

    Suitable for: KS2 teachers, English Subject Leaders

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