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  • The Arrival

    KS: LKS2 / UKS2, Upper KS2

    Year Group: Year 6

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  • The Goldilocks Project

    KS: R & KS1, R & KS1 / LKS2

    Year Group: Year 2

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  • Varmints

    KS: LKS2 / UKS2, Lower KS2, R & KS1 / LKS2

    Year Group: Year 4

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  • 22 Sep

    Teach Through a Text in Reception

    Suitable for: Reception

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  • 29 Sep

    Teach Through a Text in Year 6

    Suitable for: Year 6

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  • 06 Oct

    Teach Through a Text in Year 2

    Suitable for: Year 2

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