Jupiter Free School, Hemel Hempstead

"Our introduction to Literacy Tree and the Literary Curriculum was somewhat accidental.  The Education Show 2018, the Literacy Tree Stand and an NQT bold enough to dress up as the Selfish Giant. Because of this we won a year’s free subscription and we were sold!  However, what sealed things for us, and encouraged us to take up the offer for a year, was that the books were to the fore.   We love books, we love stories and we love storytelling at Jupiter.
We have now been using the Literary Curriculum for just under a year, across all year groups and have decided to commit for the long term.  This commitment is driven by varying amounts of parent literacy and parent engagement in our corner of Hemel Hempstead.  Our most vulnerable children may find it challenging to access quality books and reading outside of school.  Furthermore, closure of local libraries has impacted on parent opportunity to share books with children and economic conditions affect purchase of books, especially for lower income families.  
As soon as we introduced the curriculum we observed an immediate impact in the engagement of the children.  The beauty of the curriculum is that it completely immerses children in a single story for an extended period of time and interest and enthusiasm in literacy lessons rocketed across the school.  The children are able to hang on to an enjoyable story, using it as the foundation for writing for different purposes and fuel their interest of richer, more descriptive language.  The range, subtlety and beauty of language in the books is something that they are now exposed to more often and that they are embracing with gusto.
Children love to hold on to stories; they treasure favoured characters, plots and settings.  They love to be thrilled, they love suspense and drama and they delight in puzzles and cliff-hangers.  The Literacy Curriculum and the books that lie at its heart opens a doorway for children to the magic and wonder of story and does so in a way that matches perfectly the children’s own innate love of how story enriches their lives."

Neil Jones, Principal

Pictured above was our first book order!

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