St John's C of E School, Caterham

"English at St John's needed some life breathing into it and that is exactly what Literary Curriculum has done for us in the last year. The themes and lessons are both engaging and exciting and the plans are full of ideas we would never have thought of but which make learning practical and clear. The children read good quality texts and explore challenging concepts which has led to valuable discussions and some brilliant writing for a range of purposes. The teaching of grammar and spelling is woven in to the exploration of the texts, making it meaningful and providing opportunities for the pupils to see and practise skills in context. The staff training run by Anthony at the start of this year inspired all teachers and, after having a go ourselves at a sequence of learning, we all walked away with brilliant strategies to use in the classroom. Communication has been great and Anthony was excellent at tailoring training to our needs, listening to the teachers and providing really helpful solutions. There is a buzz in our classrooms again (and in the staffroom!) and the pupils talk with excitement about their learning - and books again!"

Anna McGrath Deputy Headteacher, St John's C of E Primary School

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