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This varies, according to the text and the size of the class. In a ideal world it be wonderful for every child to hold a copy each, but many schools purchase one between two (this is probably the minimum access level if it is a novel with small print) and if it is a picture book sometimes there is just one copy for the teacher and a group set to use and refer to during shared or guided sessions.

We can provide a list of recommended suppliers to any school that subscribes, though many independent bookshops will offer a discount on large orders and we would always advocate building a relationship with your local bookshop.

We recommend the email which is used as the username is a generic one, such as subscriber@ or login@ or office@ rather than a personal email. We would only let the user change this if they were the person taking out the subscription. The password can be retrieved using this login.

The plans are written for a generic class and occasionally offer differentiation tips according to support and challenge but do not break these down into differentiated activities. The sequences should always be adapted to meet the needs of a particular class.

Unfortunately we only offer the PDF download version, but there are many piece of software which can convert these for you if you wanted to adapt the plans significantly.

No, although we would recommend someone from the school attends training or that an INSET is booked if a school are adopting the Literacy Curriculum approach in full.  Any CPD we run supports the pedagogy behind the planning approach and we always share outcomes and demonstrate many of the practical activities advocated in the planning. Please see our training page for details of courses and texts covered.

Whilst we try very hard to ensure that the books we use are in print and readily available, from time to time books will finish print runs and bookshops may not stock them. We would always recommend talking to your local independent bookshop owner to find out current availability. Sometimes third party-sellers through online bookshops may be able to get hold of new or second-hand copies of texts.

The subscription entitles you to access to all the online resources for the suggested books, but does not include physical copies of the books. We recommend approaching your local independent bookseller to source texts.

The Literary Curriculum and the planning sequences are an online resource. Any files can be downloaded and printed.

The Literary Curriculum, planning sequences and any other online materials are intended for the sole use of the subscriber and any other named users on the account for the duration of the subscription period and are only to be used at the named institution. The content and ownership rights remain the property of The Literacy Tree Ltd.

During the purchase of an individual sequence or a subscriber account you will need to create a Literary Curriculum account.

All sequences will be available to download from your account page after logging in.

Following the expiry of a subscription account any downloaded planning sequences in your account will no longer be available for download.

Individually purchased planning sequences will still be available for download through the account page after log in.

All planning sequences downloaded as part of a subscription will no longer be available to download from the your account page. These planning sequences will still display in your account.

Planning sequences purchased individually will still remain also remain in your account and available for download.

You can renew your subscription through your accounts page up to 30 days  prior to your subsciption ending.

You will be notified by email 30 days prior, 7 days prior and on the day of your subsciption ending.

School subscriptions will need to be managed by the school Admin User.

All subsciber and single planning sequences can be downloaded through your accounts page after log in.

If School User please contact your School Admin to request login details.

If you still are unable to remember your password then use the 'Forgotten Password?' link on the log in page.

Forgotten email addresses will need to requested directly from us. Please use the contact form above to request your login details directly.

Your subscription will begin immediately after payment has been made. If you are experiencing any issues downloading any of our planning sequences then please get in touch using the contact form above.

The Literacy Tree, D129 Parkhall Business Centre, 40 Martell Road, London, SE21 8EN | Company Registered no: 07951913


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    KS: LKS2 / UKS2, Upper KS2

    Year Group: Year 6

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  • The Journey Home

    KS: R & KS1, R & KS1 / LKS2

    Year Group: Year 2

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    Teach Through a Text in Reception (Additional Day)

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