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A Literary Leaf for Two Weeks with the Queen


KS: Lower KS2

Year Group: Year 3, Year 4

Literary Theme: Taking Courage

Author(s): Morris Gleitzman

Overview and Outcomes:

This is a 16 session Literary Leaf for Two weeks With the Queen by Morris Gleitzman in which children explore the themes presented by identifying the language used and comparing some of the characters within.

Synopsis of Text:

We chose this book for a literary leaf as we think it is an important book with wonderful characters that you can empathise with.

Colin Mudford is on a quest. His brother Luke has cancer and the doctors in Australia don't seem to be able to cure him. Sent to London to stay with relatives, Colin is desperate to do something to help Luke. He wants to find the best the doctor in the world. Where better to start than by going to the top? Colin is determined to ask the Queen for her advice.

In Morris Gleitzman's trademark style, this very moving story illuminates deeply serious issues about illness and loss with bright moments of humour.


Australia, same-sex relationships, grief, family, families

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