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A Planning Sequence for Halibut Jackson

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KS: R & KS1

Year Group: Reception

Literary Theme: Knowing Yourself

Author(s): David Lucas

Main Outcomes:

Signs and labels, captions, invitations, narrative sequel


Two+ weeks, 10+ sessions

Recommended term:

Autumn term 2

Overview and Outcomes:

In this ten-session sequence, which we suggest will take 3 weeks to cover, the children open a Drapery that sells Suits for every Occasion. They investigate the suitability of outfits for different occasions, weather and purposes and then meet Halibut Jackson: a man who already has a suit for every occasion! But Halibut is also very shy and unsure. They infer the characters’ feelings, advise the character and then write a narrative sequel. 

Updated for the September 2021 Statutory EYFS Framework

Synopsis of Text:

Halibut Jackson is a very shy person. He prefers not to be noticed at all. So he makes himself clothing to match his surroundings. His library suit has a striped look to it to match the shelves. But when he is invited to a party at the Palace, he is flummoxed - what does it look like in the palace? At last, having researched hard, and sewn quickly, he is ready: only to discover when he gets there that the party is a garden party. A suit of silver and gold, covered in jewels, is definitely going to get noticed. But everyone admires it tremendously!


Being yourself, dressing-up, parties, shyness

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