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A Planning Sequence for Super Milly and the Super School Day

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KS: R & KS1

Year Group: Reception

Literary Theme: Talents & Powers

Author(s): Stephanie Clarkson


Letters of encouragement; a retelling; song lyrics and job applications 

Main Outcome:

Alternative character version


10+ session, 3 weeks

Overview and Outcomes:

In this ten-session sequence the children discover some superhero items left in their class then consider what their super power would be if they were an actual superhero. The text, Super Milly and the Super School Day is shared, letters of encouragement for the main character are written and the concept of qualities and positive traits such as kindness and generosity being super powers is explored. The children reply to a job advert for a superhero before writing their own superhero story with them as the main character but first they must decide what their super powers will be and who they will help. This is done through singing and adding to a superhero song, sung to the well-known melody of Ten Green Bottles.

Synopsis of Text:

On Superhero Day, Super Milly helps out her school friends with the best superpower of all… her super-kindness!  It's Superhero Day at school, and Super Milly can't wait to wow everyone with her costume and amazing powers! The only problem is she can't actually fly, climb buildings or do force fields. But when Superhero Day doesn't go to plan, Milly realises she only needs her super-kindness to save the day!  With its superhero theme and energetic and hilarious main character, this upbeat and very funny picture book about the power of kindness will inspire children to help others and have confidence in themselves.


Superheroes, heroes, kindness, powers, talents, costumes

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