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A Spelling Seed for The Pied Piper of Hamelin


KS: Lower KS2

Year Group: Year 3

Literary Theme: Disaster, Hope & Healing

Author(s): Michael Morpurgo


This is a three-session spelling seed for the book The Pied Piper of Hamelin by Michael Morpurgo.  Below is the coverage from Appendix 1 of the National Curriculum 2014.

Spelling Seeds have been designed to complement the Literary Curriculum by providing weekly, contextualised sequences of sessions for the teaching of spelling that include open-ended investigations and opportunities to practise and apply within meaningful and purposeful contexts, linked (where relevant) to other areas of the curriculum and a suggestion of how to extend the investigation into home learning.

Spelling Seeds work alongside the texts within the Literary Curriculum and, as such, will also reflect the suggested number of weeks spent on a text, as well.


Word List Words

answer, certain, difficult, height, notice, possess(ion), reign

Spelling Rules and Patterns

Words with the /ʃ/ sound spelt ch (mostly French in origin)

Words with the /eɪ/ sound spelt ei, eigh, or ey

A Planning Sequence is available for The Pied Piper of Hamelin.

Planning Sequence Overview:


Writing in role, information reports, adverts, formal letter

Main Outcome:

Own version myth/legend


15 sessions, 3 weeks

Overview and Outcomes:

A useful starting point would be to reviewwhat children already know about traditional tales and myths. The sequence begins with reading a range of myths, legends, fables and traditional tales, where children identify and discuss common themes, for example good over evil, wise over foolish, etc.  The class then look at the Pied Piper of Hamelin and sequence the key events using a storyboard and describe the key characters, with reference to the text. Children prepare reports on rats in response to a request from the mayor.  Using a familiar story theme, children plan and write own stories in style of myth/legend/fable, etc.

Summary of Text:

In the town of Hamelin, the rich and greedy live like kings and queens while the poor and sick scavenge rubbish tips for scraps. A lame orphan boy tells the classic tale of how a plague of rats takes over the town and how a fantastic piper offers to rid Hamelin of its rats for a single gold coin, then lures away the town’s children when the greedy mayor breaks his word. Masterfully weaving contemporary social and environmental themes into a gripping tale, and celebrating it with breath-taking illustrations, former British Children’s Laureate Michael Morpurgo and illustrator Emma Chichester Clark team up to create a compelling new take on this timeless story.


Germany, legends, rats

View The Pied Piper of Hamelin Planning Sequence

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