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A Spelling Seed for The Tin Forest


KS: Lower KS2

Year Group: Year 3

Literary Theme: Dreams & Curiosity

Author(s): Helen Ward


This is a two-session spelling seed for the book The Tin Forest by Helen Ward.  Below is the coverage from Appendix 1 of the National Curriculum 2014.

Spelling Seeds have been designed to complement the Literary Curriculum by providing weekly, contextualised sequences of sessions for the teaching of spelling that include open-ended investigations and opportunities to practise and apply within meaningful and purposeful contexts, linked (where relevant) to other areas of the curriculum and a suggestion of how to extend the investigation into home learning.

Spelling Seeds work alongside the texts within the Literary Curriculum and, as such, will also reflect the suggested number of weeks spent on a text, as well.


Word List Words

particular, perhaps, position, possible, quarter, question, therefore

Spelling Rules and Patterns

Possessive apostrophe with plural words

Words with the /i:/ sound spelt ei after c

A Planning Sequence is available for The Tin Forest.

Planning Sequence Overview:


Persuasive posters, information leaflets, postcards, diary entries, wishes, setting descriptions

Main Outcome:

Persuasive information poster


15 sessions, 3 weeks

Overview and Outcomes:

This is a three-week planning sequence that uses The Tin Forest by Helen Ward. The sequence begins with children arriving to class to find that rubbish has been emptied out all over the floor! They look at ways that the rubbish could be sifted and sorted, and even recycled into something new.  Children will explore the main character and the journey he goes through in clearing up the rubbish around his little house and transforming it into a beautiful forest of tin.  Through the sequence, children write in role as the old man, producing diary entries and wishes and also write a postcard to him to pass on some advice. The sequence finishes with children writing a persuasive piece to encourage others to protect an area in the local environment.  This book would work well alongside learning on conservation, climate change and the plant life cycle.

Synopsis of Text:

"There was once a wide, windswept place, near nowhere and close to forgotten that was filled with all the things that no one wanted." So begins Helen Ward's tale of the Tin Forest where an old man lives who tidies the rubbish and dreams of a better place. With faith, ingenuity and hard work, he transforms a junkyard into a wonderland in this poetic modern fable.


Environment, activism, habitats, conservationism

View The Tin Forest Planning Sequence

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